New York, 25 January 2011

Statement by H.E. Mr. Ivan Barbalić, Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the United Nations
at the UN Security Council Briefing
on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia

At the outset I would like to thank Special Adviser of the Secretary General Mr. Jack Lang for his report and informative briefing.

I, also, thank the Assistant Secretary General for Legal Affairs and the representative of Somalia for their statements.

The phenomenon of piracy is one of the challenges that still awaits adequate and effective response of the international community. Although some security, judiciary, prevention best practices, and awareness raising measures have been taken, we cannot speak about decreasing number of pirate attacks off the coast of Somalia. On the contrary, piracy with time is acquiring structured features in financial and organisational aspects. We are also concerned over the expansion of piracy attack threat area - further towards south, down the coastline of Somalia, and to east in the Indian Ocean.

Bosnia and Herzegovina strongly condemns the acts of piracy and expresses its concern regarding the impact of these acts firstly on regional and consequently on global economy and security. In this context, we share the view expressed by Special Adviser Mr. Lang that there is a great urgency in establishing effective counter-piracy measures before its spillover effect produces further instabilities in the region.

We consider that the “somalisation” of a solution as Mr. Lang wrote in his report is a good proposal for a new phase in fighting piracy, which is evidently needed. We consider that the insitution building, especially in the security sector, will render Transitional Federal Governement, as well as regional authorities in Somaliland and principaly Puntland a crucial partner of the international community in fighting piracy.

Impunity, as most delegations have stated before me, is an issue leading to an increase in piracy activities. The fact that “catch and release” method is applied in 90% of cases points out the serious flaw in international approach to combating piracy.

Therefore, we consider that new propositions outlined in the Special Advisor’s report, aimed at establishment of specialized piracy court in Somaliland, in Puntland and one extraterritorial court in Arusha, as well as an increase in incarceration capacity in Somaliland and Puntland, are good basis for creating new approach and instruments in counter piracy activities.

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